Simple Tips To Market Your Dental Practice

marketingBusinesses can always use more customers and clients. Marketing your dental practice is no different, and does not need to be complicated or expensive. Some dentists are going the route of corporate dentistry while others are still trying to hang onto their private practices. Corporate dentistry offers huge resources for a potential patient base as well as mass marketing. There is a lot to be said however, for continuing a small private dental practice.

Start with the obvious by giving superior customer service. Outstanding customer service inspires people to recommend you, and there is no better marketing than word-of-mouth. You may even want to consider creating a rewards program for your patients who have referrals that become new patients. This will help to build your reputation and your credibility in your community. Always greet your patients by name, and as much as you can try to stay on time. There is nothing more frustrating to a patient than having to wait far beyond their appointment time.

The first step in marketing your practice outside of the office is to be sure that you keep a listing in your local Yellow Pages. There are still patients who often look in a phone book, or look up the Yellow Pages online for a local name.

Consider creating your own website so you can include your web address in all your correspondence and listings. Your site should include your staff details, background, what services are offered, and what payment plans and insurance are accepted. Create a video to market your practice that you can place on your website and use in a video campaign with democratic planning through Facebook. It is very inexpensive and can help you reach thousands in your community.

Develop a newsletter for your practice so you can feature office services and the latest activities of the staff and yourself. Each month you could pick a theme to focus on, and be sure that the newsletter is deliverable by email or regular mail. This helps keep your patience in touch so they are more likely to return for regular checkups and services.

These are just a few of the simple ideas that you can use when marketing your dental practice. By implementing simple steps and providing superior customer service to your patients you will not only retain the patients you have but will be able to grow your practice with new ones.

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